Clarity on the Family Proclamation

The Family Proclamation is considered a statement of unchangeable doctrine by church leaders, and also a source of frustration and even pain for many church members.

In recent years, the Family Proclamation has come under fire from critics and detractors in the church, who have employed a number of strategies to attempt to undermine its doctrinal status.

In this series, we explore elements of the family proclamation and how the proclamation’s principles are being vindicated in current events. The purpose is to bring clarity to discussions around the Family Proclamation so that church members can make informed choices as they encounter criticisms.

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Slides for presentations on The Family Proclamation available here:

Part 1: Intro and Identity

Part 2: Gender

Part 3: Marriage

Part 4: Family Life

Part 5: Warnings

Part 6: Hard Questions

The playlist of series videos can be found here:

Below is an index of questions with answer links to specific discussion points in the YouTube videos, accompanied by links to more resources:


How can we contrast the Family Proclamation’s view of identity with other approaches that we see in the world? Answer

How do we typically form our identity in Western society? Answer

What disturbing things do we see in society when people say their desires and inclinations are “who I am”? Answer

What are the impacts on relationships and mental/emotional health when we create identities other than “Child of God?” Answer

What are some examples of modern identity constructs impacting real communities? Answer

Link to identity resources


When we use the term gender, what do we mean? Answer

A lot of people, including entertainment figures, are declaring “gender identities.” Does this mean they have discovered their true self? Answer

What is gender dysphoria? Answer

How can we distinguish between gender dysphoria and things that sound sort of similar? Answer

What is intersex? Is it like “trans,” where someone thinks their body is the wrong gender? Answer

Is there a thoroughly replicated scientific conclusion about what makes someone “trans?” Answer

Do people sometimes question the narrative of “trans” that they have applied to their life experiences? Answer

If someone adopts a transgender identity, modifies their body, and lives that way for decades, is it possible that they can forget the narrative of trans identity they held, as in a situation of dementia? Answer

Link to gender resources


How is marriage viewed apart from the principles in the Family Proclamation? Answer

Most Western countries think of marriage in romantic terms. Are there other ways societies have thought about it? Answer

Why do we believe God wants us to promote heterosexual marriage? Answer

What is the problem with allowing children to be conceived outside of mother-father relationships? Answer

Are children impacted by being raised by same-sex couples? Answer

Aren’t same-sex couples capable of being good parents? Answer

Link to marriage resources

Family Life

Why do we talk about roles in family life? Answer

The word preside causes frustration. What is a good way of thinking about it? Answer

What happens in societies where women’s roles are based on male domination? Answer

Link to resources on family life


The Family Proclamation’s warnings are severe. How can we understand the bigger picture of what’s happening in the world and in the church? Answer

Is correct understanding of the family a part of Israel’s purposes in the world? Answer

Why have we been warned about false prophets in the church teaching against the Family Proclamation’s doctrines? Aren’t they just people with an ordinary difference of opinion? Answer

Link to resources on the proclamation’s warnings

Hard Questions

Is it accurate for someone to claim that “God made me this way”? Answer

Sexual minorities and other church members sometimes have a hard time envisioning their eternal future. What are some assumptions that we should consider to gain a better picture of eternity? Answer

What are some suggestions for people whose life experiences don’t map neatly onto the ideals in the Family Proclamation? Answer

Someone I know claims to have received revelation contrary to the family proclamation. How can we think about those kinds of claims? Answer

Some people claim the church is changing its views on gender and sexuality. Is that true? And how does that relate to questions of doctrine versus policy? Answer

The scriptures — particularly the Bible — don’t provide a consistent view of families or sexuality. Why do we still appeal to scripture on those issues? Answer

Why is it that when people embrace gender theory, they end up rejecting the reality of a heavenly mother? Answer

Why do church leaders talk about the Family Proclamation as being a test for our generation? Answer