Resource Page: Gender

Non-Latter-day Saint Resources:

Understanding the Sex Binary

I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.

Gender dysphoria in young people is rising—and so is professional disagreement

When Sons Become Daughters, Part V: The Links Between Trans Identity, Gifted Minds, Categorical Thinking—And Anime – Quillette

Sorry, Demi Lovato: You Can’t Fight Sexism by Opting Out of Womanhood – Quillette

Trans prisoners ‘switch gender again’ once freed from women’s units | Scotland | The Sunday Times

Incarcerated Women Brace for Influx of Male Inmates – The Truth Fairy

To My Daughter’s Therapist: You Were Wrong

Transitions have ‘gone too far’: trans psychologist

Yes, Europe Is Restricting “Gender-Affirming Care”

The New Homophobia | Opinion

Report on Gender and Sexuality – The New Atlantis

Avoid the Intersex Trap

When Sons Become Daughters: It’s Time to Admit That Reflexive ‘Affirmation’ Has Been a Mistake – Quillette

Doctors have failed them, say those with transgender regret | MDedge Pediatrics

Review of a Study on Hormones

The Testosterone Hangover – by Suzy Weiss – Common Sense

Opinion | How Do I Define My Gender if No One Is Watching Me? – The New York Times

What happens when we forget our own narrative: Transgender dementia case study

Trans older adults living with dementia

Dementia in transgender population: case vignette

Gender Ideology’s True Believers

Gender Ideology’s Shaky Twin Pillars

Once a Man, Never a Woman

Bridging the Gap: My Speech at the US Capitol

The Invention of Intersex – Differently Normal

The Search for a Cause of Transness Is Misguided – Scientific American

Sex Chromosome Variants Are Not Their Own Unique Sexes

Gender Ideology is Wreaking Carnage in Our Medical Schools – An Eye Witness Report – Plebity

Marxism and the Gender Revolution – Crisis Magazine

Transgender Marxism (course)

A Message of Hope for Dysphoric Young People, From Five Anonymous Detransitioners, – A Message of Hope

The BBC should be ashamed of its reporting on trans teenagers | The Spectator

ABIGAIL SHRIER’S investigation into the exploding numbers of girls wanting to change sex | Daily Mail Online

Investigation into the influence of gender ideology on medical institutions – la scapigliata

Treating Without Transition

Towards a more complete understanding of autogynephilia

I became a woman to break the women’s deadlift record – spiked

Top Surgery Regret – Hormone Hangover

The Game Plan for when Transition Hasn’t Worked Out | by Carey Callahan | Medium

By Any Other Name – by Helena – prude posting

WPATH Finally Acknowledges Europe’s Restrictions…

Gender Arguments – Some short responses to bad arguments you might hear online.

Mother’s Day 2021: Rebranding moms as “birthing persons” is wrong – Deseret News

Boys Just Wanna Be Girls – The American Conservative


We’re Lesbians on the Autism Spectrum. Stop Telling Us to Become Men

Progressivism, Sexuality, and Mental Illness

Whatever the panic, girls are always victims | Comment | The Times

Sex Change Regret (website)

4th Wave Now (Website)

The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (website)

Latter-day Saint resources:

Every Gender Identity Is “Authentic”—Until It Isn’t

Compassion and Evidence: The Wisdom of Church Guidelines for Transgender Individuals and Their Families

Official Church resources:

Church website, Transgender: Understanding Yourself

Talking with Members about Gender

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