Part 7: Intertextuality and Qumran

  • What are the relationships between Biblical texts?
  • How did Biblical authors utilize each others’ writings?
  • How do scholars view the relationships between the text of Isaiah and other biblical texts?
  • What are the assumptions that drive scholarly perspectives on intertextuality?
  • Looking at features of the Great Isaiah Scroll at Qumran, what if anything can scholars conclude about the authorship of Isaiah?

We explore these questions in part 7.

Slides with notes:

Narrated YouTube presentation:

Recommended resources:

The Search for Quotation (Logos version)

Peter Green, Methodological Issues in Intertextuality: Two Case Studies

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?

Does Revelation Need to Be Original?

Is there a break between Isaiah 39 and 40 in the Dead Sea Scrolls? (discussion of a mistake in the Yale Univ lecture by Christine Hayes)