Yes, Joseph Smith is an Authentic Prophet.

Here are some of my reasons for believing so.

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Truman G. Madsen:

Daniel Tyler’s testimony (p.93):

Matthew Bowen on “Prepare the Way,” a stylistic device unique to Nephi

Juvenile Instructor on Oliver Cowdery’s letter to Cornelius Blatchley

Does revelation need to be original?

Faith Crisis: Presentation and Resources

What is faith crisis?

What are some possible responses to the experience?

What are some healthy ways of reframing faith crisis?

Is a positive outcome possible?

What are some helpful resources for people in faith crisis?

In this presentation, we cover these questions and more. And if you would like personal help working through faith crisis, we’re happy to link you with people who can help! Just send a note using the feedback form.

Slides available for viewing and download:

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Critical Thinking: a Primer for Latter-day Saints

Is critical thinking destructive to faith?

How can we fortify our own thinking skills and learn to spot errors in common criticisms of our faith?

This presentation offers a simple primer on critical thinking; slides are available for viewing and download here:

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Latter-day Saint Epistemology

Here we explore some concepts is Latter-day Saint epistemology: how we know what we know, and why we believe things we believe.

Epistemology is a set of important choices that we make in a life of faith, and the better we understand the choices available to us, the more mature and defensible our belief system will be.

Slides for viewing and download:

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Presentation on Belonging

Why do we sometimes feel like we don’t belong?

Who is responsible for belonging?

What are things that individuals and institutions do that decrease people’s sense of belonging?

What are reasonable expectations for ourselves and others?

These are discussion points in our presentation on belonging, based on Ben Pacini’s briefing to BYU-I faculty. Slides, discussion, and resources below.

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Changing the Church

Does the church need to change?

Yes. the church has changed a lot over the years, and will continue to evolve into the future.

But what specifically needs to change, and why? And what are good and not-so-good ways for members to think about change in the church? What do we as human beings bring to the equation?

Below are the presentation, our discussion of the slides, and some of the resources cited in the presentation.

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