Faith and False Dilemmas

False dilemmas are fuel for disillusionment and faith crisis. Here are some common ones that we find among Latter-Day Saints.

It is possible to believe thisAnd also this.
God is creative.God loves order.
God lives in a fulness of joy.God weeps.
God is merciful.God is just, and God insists upon obedience to commandments.
Prophets are fallible.Prophets are ordained by God, and God cares deeply about how we respond to them.
Scripture serves as the word of God.Scripture often reflects the worldview and culture of the people involved in its production and transmission.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is exactly what it claims to be.God is also working through good people in other faith communities to bring to pass God’s purposes.
The construction and use of temples and other buildings are ordained of God.Giving to the poor is ordained of God.
Tithing and fast offerings are commanded by God.Informal giving and service to the poor are commanded by God.
Jesus loved and engaged with the marginalized in society.Jesus loved and engaged with social elites and the religious establishment.
Jesus spent a lot of time and energy trying to correct erroneous application of the Law of Moses.Jesus loved and lived the Law of Moses.
Gender is eternal.In human biology, gender sometimes does not manifest in clear binary terms.
Attending church meetings, some people end up judgmental and closed-minded, with a faith that is not centered in Christ.Attending those same meetings, other people end up open-hearted and non-judgmental, with a faith that is very much centered in Christ.
Many church teachings and policies have evolved over time.Those same church teachings and policies, as they presently stand, have divine sanction.
God loves you as you are.God wants you to improve and become more than you are.

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