You can have exactly what you want, forever.

There are only two kinds of people in the end: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom God says, in the end, “Thy will be done.” All that are in Hell, choose it. Without that self-choice there could be no Hell. No soul that seriously and constantly desires joy will ever miss it.

C.S. Lewis, the Great Divorce

The purpose of God’s plan of salvation is to show us — and God — what we really desire, so that God can give that to us. The caveat is that if we want any kind of life that is not God’s life, we will not feel comfortable in the presence of God, in the society that God inhabits.

Do you want a god who always validates everything you think and feel? You can have that god forever, if that is what you desire.

Does the idea of truth and falsehood bother you? Do you hate distinctions? You never have to think in these terms, ever. If it’s comforting to pretend everything is relative, you are welcome to do that forever.

Do you hate reality? You can avoid living in reality forever, if you want to.

Do you want a god who subscribes to critical theory on the left, or ethnonationalism on the right? Again, you already have that god now, and if that god meets all of your aspirations, then God will not prevent you from worshiping any of those other gods you have created in your own image. You are welcome to worship them forever.

Do you want an eternity with nobody who has ever hurt you in mortality? Okay- you can have that.

Do you like deconstructing concepts that bother you? Do you like picking things apart until they are devoid of value for yourself and others? Do you enjoy the company of other people who only reject and destroy, and are averse to building things that are lasting and valuable? You are welcome to spend eternity in those kinds of societies if that’s what your heart yearns for.

Do you love to stand in judgment of God’s ordained servants and create narratives of their deficiencies and unworthiness? There is an entire kingdom of glory where people will be doing that for eternity, and you are welcome to join them.

Is there a prophet or apostle or general officer of the church who you absolutely loathe? Christ does not loathe that individual, and He has fully redeemed them. If you cannot imagine spending eternity in the same environment as that person, you truly do not have to. Nobody will force you to be in the celestial glory that they inhabit.

Do you want an eternity where you are never in the presence of your current political adversaries? Sure. It’s all yours.

Do you want an eternity where you are only ever validated? Okay.

Do you want an eternity where faith is not ever needed? Where certitude is possible for every decision and commitment? If that’s what you desire, then by all means, you are welcome to it.

Do you view everything in terms of power relationships? Okay, you are welcome to spend all of eternity with other souls who frame everything in terms of power. No power on earth or in heaven will stop you from choosing that kind of sociality as your eternal destination.

Do you want an eternity where your internal authority is the only consideration, and you never need to place any trust in other individuals or systems? Congratulations- you get to follow only your internal authority, forever.

Do you want an eternity in an environment where no one ever feels excluded?  That environment has never existed anywhere, at any time, because it’s not possible. But you are welcome to try to create it and you can take all the time you want. Eternity, even.

Do you want to hold on to your resentments and grievances? You get to hold onto them as long as you want. You don’t ever need to let them go. You don’t ever need to forgive if you don’t want to.

Do you want to spend eternity in an environment where everything is tailored to your preferences and you never have to get outside of your own paradigm? You are welcome to create and occupy that environment for eternity.

Do you want to spend eternity among people who have only ever met your expectations? You are welcome to try to create that group and stay away from anyone who you find disappointing, forever.

Do you hate hierarchies and want to only be in environments where there are no differences in roles? No worries- you are welcome to spend all of eternity in those kinds of environments, if that is what you desire.

All of these things are available to us, if we want them.  Yes, they will make the presence of God, and the celestial society He inhabits, unbearable to us. If celestial people and celestial order make us deeply uncomfortable now, then that is a good indicator of what “judgment day” will entail: people going where they are comfortable.

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