Can Latter-day Saints have a seeker-sensitive church culture?

Is it possible for our church congregations to accommodate people who don’t believe in our doctrines or sacred history?

What should our congregations do — and avoid doing — in response to people’s struggles with faith?

Are there differences in male and female spaces when it comes to questioning and commentary?

What did President Oaks mean when he said that “research is not the answer?”

Seeker-sensitivity is way of doing church that was developed among some Christian communities in the 1970s. In this presentation, we discuss that trend and explore the question of what are realistic possibilities for accommodating seekers among Latter-day Saints.

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Alistair Roberts, A Crisis of Discourse Part 2- A Problem of Gender

Heather Mac Donald, The Great Feminization of the American University

President Rosemary Wixom, Returning to Faith

Dan Peterson, Research and More Research

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