Why I Don’t Panic Over Controversies Involving the Church

Why does there seem to be a steady stream of bad headlines about the church?

Has it always been this way?

How do we process allegations and bad news without losing our minds?

I discuss these questions in this presentation.

Slides available for viewing and download here:

YouTube video of the presentation here:

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2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Panic Over Controversies Involving the Church”

  1. I must say that at the start of your talk, I didn’t think much of this and was wondering where it was going or if this was just comments to plug your ears and sing ignoring all around you. However, about 1/2 way through this I understood, and I also understood something about myself that I hadn’t realized before, that I had already accepted this though I couldn’t explain why. This really helps me explain why. My testimony from God about Him, His Son and His church and His leaders doesn’t sway with day-to-day issues. It’s too deep for that to happen. Many on Reddit for example think members are naive or ignore what they say but since I’m on Reddit every week (sometimes more) I see them all. I have read most of the literature that they hold up (probably more than most) yet I still believe, and my belief is founded in both the scriptures and the Spirit of the Lord which continually helps me, inspires me and leads me. I have tried to explain this to other on Reddit for example and they want to tell me to believe in God but not His church. They don’t understand when I say I can’t separate them. How do I explain experiences with God when I’m reading from the Book of Mormon, when I’m reading the words of latter-day and biblical prophets. For me they are the same experiences, and I don’t have a way in my mind to separate them. Again, thank you for this, it has given me a new way to understand why I feel the way I do and don’t seem to be concerned as others that our leaders are human.

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