Discerning Personal Apostasy

  • Doubting, disbelief
  • Disagreeing with a church policy or guidance
  • Negativity, cynicism
  • Complaining

These things are not necessarily apostasy; they might just indicate that a church member is going through a hard time.

So, what is personal apostasy? What are some of its common manifestations and how can we discern it?

This is the subject of our latest presentation. YouTube narration below:

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Book Club Presentation Series: The Great Divorce

C.S. Lewis’ book The Great Divorce is not about divorce; it’s about the irreconcilable split between Heaven and Hell. Hell simply cannot abide Heaven.

The Great Divorce is a very impactful book that has transformed many people’s understanding of the gospel and the afterlife. We were joined by Allyson Flake Matsoso of the Philosophy of Motherhood blog in a discussion of The Great Divorce that we hope can help people understand and share its insights.

YouTube discussions below:

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Presentation on Spiritual Discernment

How can we tell the difference between God’s influence and other things like emotion?

What are signs of good versus evil spiritual energy?

What are signs of demonic influence?

We discuss these and other questions in this presentation; slides here:

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