Presentation on Belonging

Why do we sometimes feel like we don’t belong?

Who is responsible for belonging?

What are things that individuals and institutions do that decrease people’s sense of belonging?

What are reasonable expectations for ourselves and others?

These are discussion points in our presentation on belonging, based on Ben Pacini’s briefing to BYU-I faculty. Slides, discussion, and resources below.


Discussion video:

Relevant links:

Your Divine Identity. President Russell M. Nelson. Worldwide devotional. 5/14/2022.

President Oaks and Elder Gilbert: Proclaim Truth With Love. Ensign College Devotional, 5/17/2022. Highlights.

You Belong in my Classroom, Benjamin Pacini. Public Square Magazine; Perspective Magazine.

Why “All In” LGBTQ/ SSA Latter-day Saints Are So Reluctant to Speak Up. Blake Fisher, Public Square Magazine.

Why the Last 10 Years Have Been Uniquely Stupid, Jonathan Haidt. The Atlantic.

How Trigger Warnings are Hurting Mental Health On Campus. Jonathan Haidt. The Atlantic.

An Anti-Racism That Unites Us. Benjamin Pacini. Public Square Magazine.

Belonging At Church. Benjamin Pacini. Public Square Magazine.

BYU Survey Data on Race and Equity. 

Racism and Other Challenges. President Dallin H. Oaks.

Challenges to the Mission of Brigham Young University. Pres. Dallin H. Oaks. BYU Leadership address. 21/4/2017.

I Can Tolerate Anything But the Outgroup. Scott Alexander Siskind, Slate Star Codex.

Report and Recommendations from the BYU Committee on Race, Equity, and Belonging.

The Second Half of the Second Century at BYU. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, BYU University Conference. Highlights.

Nothing About Us Without Us. Wikipedia Page.

The Parable of the Slope. Elder Clark Gilbert, General Conference.

Christ’s Peace in Perilous Times. Elder Clark Gilbert, BYU Devotional.Are We Not All Beggars? Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. October 2014 General Conference.

The Mormon Ethic of Civility. 

Instruments of the Lord’s Peace. Elder Robert S. Wood, General Conference.

Our Relationship with God. Elder D. Todd Christofferson, General Conference.

Following Jesus, Being a Peacemaker. Elder Neal L. Anderson. General Conference.

But We Heeded Them Not. Elder David A. Bednar. General Conference.

Walk In the Meekness of my Spirit. Elder David A. Bednar. BYU University Conference.

Latter-day Saint Youth Suicide: What To Know and How To Help. Newsroom.

To Love Them All. Elder Patrick Kearon. 

The Load Carrier. Brother William Riggins, BYUI Devotional.

The Peace of Christ Abolishes Enmity. Elder Dale G. Renlund. General Conference. 

Hearts Knit Together in Unity and Righteousness. Elder Quentin L. Cook. General Conference.

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