A Reminiscence: Gospel Unity in a Time of Bitter War

What I learned from one member in Belgium about gospel unity in a time of war.

In the summer of 1990, I was serving in Liege, a French-speaking city in Belgium. As part of our work we were visiting all the members we could find on the membership rolls. One day we found an elderly sister who had joined the Church as a young woman shortly before World War I broke out, due to her age she rarely attended meetings anymore. I don’t recall if this member was living in Liege at the time of the Great War, but German atrocities were notably severe in this area, in part because this area was thwarting the achievement of a key component of the German Army General Staff’s Schlieffen Plan for winning the war.

She told me an amazing story about how the gospel of Jesus Christ can transcend bitter divisions and deep wounds.

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