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Jesus Had a Religion (presentation)

Their Imperfect Best: Isaianic Authorship From an LDS Perspective (Interpreter)


Ministering Across Fault Lines of Belief and Community (Interpreter)

And Not One Soul Shall Feel Excluded (Public Square)

Anger and the Modern Prophetic Voice (Public Square)

Creating Jesus in Our Image (Public Square)

Trauma in The Family of Abraham (Public Square)

Intersectional Anger on the Left and Right (Public Square)

Does Revelation Need To Be Original?

What Do We Know, And How? A Look At Orthodox Latter-Day Saint Epistemology

Revelation as Remembering

Marvin J Ashton and Spencer W. Kimball

Thomas Keating, C. S. Lewis, Russell M. Nelson on Christian Healing

President Russell M. Nelson and Identity

Why I Signed the Radical Orthodoxy Manifesto (By Common Consent)

A Response to Radical Orthodoxy Criticisms (Public Square)

Follow The Prophets

The Book of Mormon, Cover to Cover again

Before we discuss LGBT and the Church…

Seeking Revelation

Faith Crisis and Choices

A Mindful Way Through Faith Crisis (Meridian)

A Mindful Way Through Faith Crisis, Part II: Five Heartening Possibilities

Positively Biased for Conference


Thou Shalt Not Whine (Public Square)

You can have exactly what you want, forever.

Is Politics Your New Religion?

Is Politics Your New Religion? (CWIC)

Notes on Murder Among the Mormons

What is Discernment?

The War in Heaven (CWIC)

Do You Understand The Plan?

President Nelson on Gospel Learning

That is Not Gaslighting.

Responding to a New Critique of RO

A Love Note to the Universalists

Spiritual Experiences, Motivated Reasoning, and Objectivity

3 Nephi and The Revealed Christ

Understanding Demons (CWIC)

Church History and the Present

Positively Biased for Conference

Easter is Reality (Public Square)

The Middle Ground is Disappearing (Public Square)

Our Deepening Divide Over Identity (Public Square)

Understanding Demons (Public Square)

Covid Peacemaking for Latter – Day Saint Families (Public Square)


Exploring Conservative and Liberal Religion (Public Square)

We’re all biased. Let’s explore how.

Types of Latter-day Saint Spiritual Experiences

What Does It Mean That the Church is True?

Learning to Think…About Faith

Christ and the Second Arrow

A God of Order in a World of Chaos

Getting Along < Shared Belief < Conversion

Reflecting on Van Halen

Changing the Church (presentation)

On Belonging (presentation)

Latter-day Saint Epistemology (presentation)

Critical Thinking: a Primer for Latter-day Saints (presentation)

Faith Crisis 101 (presentation)

Are We a Cult? (presentation)

Accusation: The Epistemology of Hell (presentation)

Yes, Joseph Smith is an Authentic Prophet. (presentation)

Judgment Day is Underway (presentation)

Are Latter-day Saint Missions Traumatic? (presentation)

Healing vs. Destructive Empathy (presentation)

Yes, Russell M. Nelson is an Authentic Prophet (presentation)

On Spiritual Discernment (presentation)

Church Spending (presentation)

Fallibility Doesn’t Matter. (presentation)

On Authenticity (presentation)

Imaginary Jesus or The Revealed Christ (presentation)

Spiritual Experiences or Frenzied Minds (presentation)

On Miracles (presentation)

Disciples, Activists & the Drama Triangle (Public Square)

A Few Questions Before You Try to Change the Church (Public Square)

How the Restoration Can Inform Biblical Scholarship (Public Square)

The Only True Love of Self (Public Square)

Prophets Can’t Win (Public Square)

Marxism, Satanism, and the Worship of Self (Public Square)

Researching Disaffection: The Neglected Variable of Conversion (Public Square)

Processing the Unthinkable (Public Square)

Saying Goodbye to Faith-Toxic Influencers (Public Square)

Counting the Cost of Zion (Public Square)

Exploring Conservative and Liberal Religion (Public Square)

Belonging and Believing in Conservative and Liberal Religion (Public Square)

Doing Good in Conservative and Liberal Religion (Public Square)

Perspective: Whether you call it ‘grooming’ or not, what’s happening to our children is not acceptable (Deseret News)


“If the Church were following Jesus, it would give all its funds to the poor!”

It’s good to have cognitive ground rules

Why I Don’t Panic Over Controversies Involving the Church (presentation)

The Spiritual Discipline of Living in Reality

Spirituality is Addition and Subtraction

Liberal and Conservative at Church (presentation)

Beware of Sedevacantism in the Church

Follow the Prophet, Internal vs External Authority

Prophet and Vaccine (presentation)

Are We Open-Minded? (presentation)

Sexual Minorities and The Family Proclamation: Two Series (presentations)

Book Club Presentation Series: The Great Divorce

Quotes on Cynicism

Christianity Lite: The Seeker-Sensitive Church (Public Square)

Can Latter-day Saints have a seeker-sensitive church culture? (presentation)

Preference falsification and progressive religion

Discerning Personal Apostasy (presentation)

Partisan or Disciple? (Wayfare)

Congratulations, You’re Probably Being Exalted (Public Square)

Congratulations, you are probably being exalted (presentation)

Follow the Prophet, Without Hesitation or Apology (presentation)

Friends don’t let friends embrace sola scriptura

When Scholars Dismiss Miracles (presentation)

Reverse CBT in the Church

How not to sustain our leadership

John the Baptist, preeminent prophet

Latter-day Saint Apocalyptic, and Visions of Glory as Case Study (presentation)

Have Progressives Really Won this Contest of Ideas? (Public Square)

J. K. Rowling’s Witch Trials: The Pull of Fundamentalism (Public Square)

Infinite Cats in the Bag: Navigating Faith in the Information Age (Public Square)

A Real Spiritual High: A Defense of Natural Mysticism (Public Square)

Conversations at the Crossroads: Latter-day Saints Discuss Sexuality and Doctrine (Public Square)

What Latter-day Saints Can Learn from the Catholic Synod (Public Square)

Bridle Your Empathy So That You Can Truly Love (Public Square)

Tapped Out: Criticism an Unsustainable Fountain for Faith (Public Square)

Some of my 2023 memes


Follow the Prophet Out of Your Cult (Public Square)